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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
This story is rated M due explicit sex scenes in later chapters.
If you don't like don't read!!!~
You are warned.

The Meeting.

The next day Laurelin wake up early, take her shower, and the cats were with her on the shower, they love the warm water and their “mom” company, she just smiles.
15 minutes later she is dressed and is heading to the kitchen, has to do her breakfast, it’s very important, and does a mental list,”First I have to feed the chicken and get their eggs, go shopping groceries and talk with Cade, I want him to fix the Autobot Leader without knowing, perhaps I’ll tell him I have a Semi that belongs to my father, well isn’t a lie, he was a Trucker after all!”  She eat slowly her cereals while reads the newspaper,” This is a crap, always wars and taxes, no good news!” And her eyes goes to the horoscope,” Your life will have an enormous change in love.” Laurelin when read that passage laughs a lot,” Bullshit, me in love?” And finish the cereals.

After her homework is finished goes to the barn which takes a few minutes, picks a bag with corn seeds while calls the chickens who gather around her, the seeds are on the floor the chicken starts eating the corn.
She looks to the old beat up Semi, pass a hand on him, “ Poor you , who did this to you!” She continues pass the hand on the rusty paint-job, feeling each bullet hole each crevice, and a tear rolls from her eye,” Is no fair for a hero end like this.”
Prime felt her soft hand touching him, making him shuttering, he loves her touching but cannot transform, “ She knows who am I! I cannot reveal to her yet, can jeopardize her and my signature can be discovered by Lockdown, as well my localization.”  Thinks very concerned by her well-being.
He cannot trust in humans why he would trust her? The humans betrayed him at what cost? Pursuing him and his Autobots like criminals and he suspect that all are deactivated, after what he had done for this planet.
In other hand Laurelin looks at his form, and a chicken goes towards the rusty Semi,” Choo, go away!” She sees the chicken running, and smiles while gives more seeds.

Prime notices something that hadn’t noticed before, she has a strange container, and sees that the human female is feeding the avian creatures with a kind of grains, and the said creatures are around her, it is strange to him.
He zoomed to the container, seeing the kind of grains, it was a kind of seed that the human use for nourish creatures like these and themselves, he even researched about other kinds of cereals, and is amazed!
He never paid attention at these details when he was with his human allies in the past, before this happen to him.
Laurelin look at him again seeing the faded paint job,” I bet you had nice and flashy colours in you.” And smiles.
He’s feeling a bit strange, “Primus help me.”  He sees her form go away, towards her big Harley Davidson,” Well need to go some shopping!” And place her helmet on the head; turn on the engine leaving the barn.

Prime is alone with his thoughts,” This human female will never report me, perhaps…Primus I am starting liking her!”

Meanwhile Laurelin arrives to the store were does her shopping to have food in her house, and buys some material to repair the beat up Semi.
After her shopping she return home but first passes at the Yeagers property, when he sees her,” Good Morning Laurelin, how are you?” She shakes his hand,” Fine thanks Mr. Yeager and Tessa?” He smiles,” She’s at school.” He looks at the girl,” So tell me what I can do for you?” She starts,” My father left me a old Semi, but I don’t know how to fix it, could you?” The inventor look at her, with a sad expression,” Sorry about your father, Laurelin, he was my friend since the kindergarten like your mother.”  Laurelin sighs,” Mr. Yeager I thank you for helping me when I most needed, you came to their funerals.”  He nods, then asks,” You had a rehearsal on your barn right?” She nods,” And had a great time?” Another nod,” I have a show at the theatre , we will perform next Saturday!” He is happy,” Your father wanted the best for you, and he talked to me about your passion for the dance, he wanted you to be the best dancer around here!” She let out a smile, then look at Cade’s determination face,” Let me pick my tools, I bet you have some in your barn right?” She nods while watches him  get his tools at his barn.

Tessa appears,” Good Morning Laurelin.” The older girl smiles,” Hi Tess how are you today?” Tessa huffs,” Tired, the school sucks and I have tons of homework to do, and you?” Laurelin just says with some irony,” Well I have a performance this Saturday, I have to be prepared too you know?
I am working a lot during these weeks, to have everything ok, I don’t want fail on this, it’s my life dream, preform in a theatre.” Tessa understood right away,” Me and my big mouth Laurelin.” The older girl put a hand on her shoulder,” Don’t say that dear, all of us have the right in complain, eck you know that I didn’t like school too?” Both laugh,” And here I am training to have a good spectacle.”

Then hears,” Ready to go Laurelin?” And then he sees his daughter,” Hello Tess, you want come with us?” Tessa nods.
“Sorry in not having space in my bike, I only have one seat.” Cade points out,” Tess can go with you!” Laurelin give to the teen a helmet, and then left Yeagers property, and is followed by Cade.
Is in a question of 15 minutes that the three arrived to Laurelin’s property, she parked the bike on her barn, and Yeager sees the rusty Semi,” Is this one?” Laurelin nods,”Yup.” He starts watch the vehicle, Opens the door and sees missiles casings falling from the inside, “Whoa… your father must had carried weaponry.” She lift a brow, “I don’t know Mr. Yeager.” He look at her,” You are hiding something from me Laurelin.” She just look at him,” Not a chance Mr.Yeager.” He starts hit the Semi with a wrench,” Laurelin, I suspect that this is a Transformer.” She has to act,” Oh really? For me it’s just a old Semi that belonged to my late father!” Tessa intervenes,” Laurelin if this is a Transformer, you can have the money!” She look at Yeager’s eye,” Imagine if you report this Semi…as a transformer, what would happen to you? Sorry but no one here will report nothing.
It’s just a regular vehicle, and I want it repaired.” Then adds,” I will never forgive you if you report this supposed transformer!”

Cade has to shut up, after all this is Laurelin’s vehicle, which is inside on her Barn.
He is determined in proving that Semi is a Robot, and when he is about to hit it, the Semi starts to transform, the humans starts to fall back.
“Holly crap it’s… it’s a transformer!” Cade is shocked when sees Prime in robot form and is having problems.
Prime points their weapons,” Stay Back all of you!!!” He coughs a lot to free his vents from all the dust…
“Easy… Human…” Says while point his big gun to Cade…but something isn’t right with Prime, he gets on his knees.
“Weapons… systems...damaged!” Laurelin try to approach from him, but Cade try to hold her,” You are crazy Laurelin?” The young girl look at Prime and then to him,” You don’t see? He’s needing our help!” The man sighs, “Ok..ok you win.” Optimus look at the three, ”I…I’ll go now.” He coughs again,” Who did this to you?” Asks Tessa and the answer is heard,” The… humans set me an ambush… I… I took this form…I barely escaped with life…
My… Autobots, I need to go to my Autobots.” Laurelin asks,” How… they could do this to you?” Cade Joins her listening Prime,” They weren’t alone…”

He grabs a part of the Barn pillars, Tessa look at him,” Despite what you did for us, they tried to hurt you… bastards.”
Laurelin look at the Regal Leader, a tear slides to her cheek,” What we can do for you?” He looks at her,” My… Autobots can repair me.” Cade just make a point,” Not a chance, how much you can hold in that state?” Optimus coughs again and part of his ear finial falls to the ground, Laurelin grab it looking to Cade,” We had to help.” Cade agrees,” We are your  last chance, let us help you.” Optimus look at both humans,”I appreciate your help… but I don’t trust you!”
Cade has his material with him but Laurelin says,” Don’t say a word to your buddy Lucas!” He is perplexed by her words,” Why?” She looks at him secure of herself,” I do not trust him.” He is in silence,” Ok… I will not tell him anything!” And he starts to repair the Prime.

Some hours passed and his energon lines are closed and his ear finial is attached on its proper place, Laurelin look at the watch, while jumps from Prime’s hand,” Damn… we need to eat something folks, is almost dinner time!” Cade stop welding Prime’s spark case ,” So what do you think to do?” Laurelin look at a old stove she has there,” Well… I have some Chinese noodles.” Tessa smiles,” I’ll go get the noodles, bowls a pot to boil the water.” Laurelin smiles, “Go to my kitchen you’ll find everything, bring some desserts and the things to do a salad, including the stuff to season the salad.” Tessa nods.

The teen left the barn to get everything, Laurelin look at Prime, ”How you are feeling?” The Regal look at the girl,” I am better now female, you soothed my pains while the human male was fixing me.” She smiles patting his leg,” Glad to know.” Then turns to Cade,” You finished repairing his spark chamber?” The older man nods,” Yeah… he told me that his spark is similar to our heart, and where is his memories and is…a soul.” Laurelin smiles,” Glad to know that Cade, you should learn with him.” He goes to the floor where puts his gear on a table.
“Laurelin thanks God that he’s repaired, has minor wounds but his self-repairing will deal with that.
The worst ones where on his chest-plates and the major fuel lines, and his antennae is on its place.” Laurelin Laughs when Prime corrects him,” Ear Finial human.” Laurelin Laughs hard,” My… my God Cade…this is hilarious.” Cade look at her serious,” Not funny!”
A voice is heard,” I’m back guys.” Laurelin goes help Tessa, and both girls starts to prepare the dinner.

Meanwhile Optimus asks to Yeager, “That female…” The human male look at him, ” Laurelin?” Prime nods,” Yes… why she’s with a sorrow expression?” Cade Look around the barn, and then to her,” Well… she lost her parents during this year due cancer… her father died made two months, and is very hard for her.
They left all this property to her, because she loves all this, is her sanctuary, and works hard here, but does other things.” Optimus lift a metallic ridge,” What?” Cade says,” She is a Dancer and an amateur photograph, earns some money too, but she has enough to maintain all of this.” He is curious,” Why she didn’t reported me?” Cade thoughts a bit,” Humm… I don’t know Optimus, ask her.” Optimus sighs.

“DINNER IS READY!!!” Yells Laurelin, Cade goes to the table,” Well the lady of the house is calling me.”
Optimus watches the humans eating their sustenance, and chatting a bit, and listens...
“So your act is next Saturday.” Laurelin nods,” Yeah…yesterday was the last rehearse, and today is Wednesday. Our “boss” gave us the rest of the week.” Tessa look at her,” I bet you are too nervous.” Laurelin nods.
“You father would be proud of you Laurelin, it’s your first performance.” And Laurelin remarks,” And I want everything goes well this Saturday.” Cade has a nice idea,” How about dance a bit for us?” Laurelin blushes embarrassed,” W… well, I… have to dance for him too.” Says while turns her head to Prime.” Tessa just look at the Mech,” Well… he likes you, so dance after diner!” Laurelin spit her orange juice,” TESSA!!! DON’T EMBARRASSE ME.” All presents laugh.

At the end of their meal Laurelin get up from the table goes towards her studio, Optimus is near it, “I have to do some stretches.”  Laurelin do a warm up, to prevent sprains, Optimus is curious and asks to Tessa,” Why she is doing that?” A short answer is given,” To prevent problems, first she’s a dancer and second an athlete, has to do lots of exercise to keep her shape.” Optimus nods.
When the warm up is finished Laurelin put some music on her stereo,” The best of Trance charts volume one disc 2, track 6-Iget Live.” The music is loud enough for all listen.
Laurelin starts to dance, her movements are graceful and fluid, her body twists and twirls with the rhythm.
She is feeling the music on her body, and does a mortal backflip, “You saw that father? She did a mortal backflip!” Yeager nods and saw Prime’s face,” He’s glued on her Tess.” The younger girl look at Prime’s royal blue optics,” Indeed father.”

When the music of almost four minutes ends Laurelin is breathing deep, and she heard clapping,” You are awesome Laurelin.” Tessa gives her a glass of water,” Well done… I always wondered why you train so much, now I know!” Laurelin smiles a bit tired,” I try do my best.” Cade just smirks while points a thumb behind him,” Our “Regal Leader” had his eyes glued on you!” Tessa laughs, “Yeah… he likes you!” Laurelin blushes a deep red.
Cade look at Prime,” Well Big Guy… you are almost finished, your repair mechanisms will deal with the rest.
Me and my daughter have to return home, need to do more work… Tomorrow I’ll return to see if you are alright!” Then turns to Laurelin,”And you take care of him.” He smirks while looks for both,” No smooching!!!” Laurelin laughs, “Only you… Him and I? Well that’s impossible Cade, he’s from other Planet and I… a puny human, it would never work!” She hugs Yeager,” See you tomorrow, I need my rest too but first I have to clean this mess.” The Yeagers departed from there leaving Laurelin and Prime alone.
“Well uh… I need to clean this.” Optimus sees that she’s embarrassed but never said anything.

In one hour she had everything cleaned including her kitchen, when she returns to the barn she has a pillow and 3 blankets,  and she places the items on the studio floor and set her bed near Prime’s form,” What are you doing?” Laurelin look into his royal blue optics,” Preparing my bed, it’s very early to get some sleep.” He look at the tiny human female,” You are right female.” She smiles showing her white teeth,” I would love have a chat with you Optimus, knowing you better, and why my species betrayed you!”  Optimus look at her blue sky eyes, “ I don’t trust you female… your species did this to me… my… Autobots I don’t know where they are.” She approaches him, and places a hand on his leg,” You have no reason to fear me, trust me, I am not like those human who had betrayed you.”
He places his hand on the ground, Laurelin, step on it and he lift her towards his face,” I am glad… in hear that from you female.” The girl looks into his royal blue optics, and sees suffering; she places a hand on his face,” I can ease your suffering.” And caress his faceplates, “Trust me, I will not hurt you.”

She sighs and listen Optimus’s question,” Why you didn’t reported me?” She continues caressing his face,” I recognised your form, and is unfair what our government is doing to your race! You done so much for our planet! They repay with what? In destroying you… I… I can’t support this kind of treatment to all of you!” He sees her tears rolling into her face, “ Don’t leak female…I… I thank you for what you did.” And cleans her tears with his finger,” Things will be ok Optimus Prime, thank you for trust in me.” He smiles,” I’ll try do that… only with you.” She just look at him, “Alright… I am good with that.” Optimus just blinks.

I already like her, perhaps I will have trust her.”  

Thinks Prime, in other hand Laurelin is just admiring the Regal Leader.
“Well… I think it will be a nice friendly relationship… for now.” She sees him in another angle,” Well… he’s handsome and a very wise Leader, and I like it a lot.”  And smiles, Optimus ignores what she’s thinking about him.
A seed was planted when he saw Laurelin for the first time.
The Meeting
Alright folks this is the second chapter, Prime is being repaired by Yeager, and Laurelin is with the man, helping in soothing Prime's pains.
The Prime is starting liking Laurelin.

Alright, I don't want FLAMERS here on this story, no like, no read... instead go to browse other galleries, has the respective warnings and is rated.
I only accept positive criticism alright? The English isn't my mother tongue.
Laurelin Deans isn't mine belongs to :iconlaurelinprime:
Optimus Prime and other canon characters belongs to Hasbro.
The other OCs are mine.
The music referred here aren't mine either.

Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)

This story is rated M due its mature content, if you don't like don't read!
Read at your own risk!!!
Will have lots of Romance.

Laurelin DEANS - a 19 years old single woman - lives in an old dilapidated ranch, inherited from her parents. She is a professional dancer, and occasionally, she does photography as a hobby to get some more money.
One day she finds a beat up Autobot Leader on her barn and love will blossom between the two!!!
Laurelin x Optimus Prime, this happens in AOE.

The Essence of Love

A old dilapidated Truck

For the time since he was here Optimus saw the barn doors opened, progressively.The sunlight entered too into the old barn.
“A safe place to hide from LockDown, thanks Primus!" A human body shape appeared between the doors.
Optimus frowned a bit, "what a human is doing here? I can't be discovered by him." But this shape fully appeared to him, she was a female human. She was young and not very threatening.
He sighs, relieved, "a human female!” but something intrigued him, what is she doing here?
“Perhaps is seeking shelter." He doesn't know what to think in that moment.
If she isn't a threat perhaps he could rest a bit more or ask for help.

Suddenly, she began to speak, " Smoky... ?!My lovely.. Where are you ? "
Her voice was particularly sweet and soft, warm and comforting, "What she is doing? I hope she doesn't discover me." Thought the Autobot Leader, while listen her voice, but suddenly... a black blur caught his attention.
Laurelin's face became joyful. Her eyes were shining and her lips stretched in a beautiful smile.
" I saw you... you little demon !! " And she chuckled. Prime saw her face when she grabs the tiny black blur... and he zoomed, seeing some details, but searched about the being she has on her arms," a cat... this one is very small, an offspring?"
Laurelin kissed his little head, then tickled his little belly ," How many times did I told you not to leave the house, huh ? Little demon... "Optimus watched the scene, "What is the female doing with the cat creature? I wonder..."

Laurelin sat on some old tools and continued to cuddle her little kitty. She didn't even pay attention to the old truck.
"hum... strange, why she didn't noticed me? Her attention is to the cat creature!" Thought Prime, "But her voice... is relaxing." And she began to sing, with a melodious voice, a sweet lullaby to the kitty. Just as this moment, a second one jumped onto her lap.
He listens carefully, when noticed a second kitten creature, had black fur like the first one, and seemed be very feisty.
"Hmm... she's very fond of these creatures!" He looked around him and noticed several avian creatures in there too. The barn stored several tools, perhaps for human use.
The female voice is so melodious that lulled him to recharge, and for the first time in months he could have a safe recharge.

Finally Laurelin stood up, with the two kittens into her arms. “Well tomorrow I have a rehearsal with my colleagues here on the barn, and thanks God I have this prepared like a studio, so I have to be in top shape!” And she left the barn, closing the doors softly, with her feet.
Optimus never noticed her leaving this strange shelter, he was recharging like he never did, but his mind was on that human female, her voice so melodic ringing oh his audios, the same who lulled him to recharge.
He would have more chances in seeing her again, dealing with the avian creatures, the cat creatures or tinkering with the tools and the old human vehicle sitting here near him.

Who is this is Laurelin with the two feisty cats? It is Laurelin Deans a professional dancer, and lives in Paris-Texas and has a ranch which was passed by her parents after their deaths due cancer, loves her cats, working in the farm and do some photography, and she’s starting a new career as a Dancer, she’s Cade Yeagers Neighbor and they are good friends.

Laurelin is a good friend, and some colleagues asked her to have a rehearsal on her old barn, it has enough space to do it, barely knows that all her movements are being watched by a particular Cybertronian disguised as an old beat up Semi, but he is serious wounded.
On the next day near the lunch time appears her dance colleagues on their cars.
“Hey Laurelin, good Morning!” She let smiles while lifts her hand,” Morning guys…sorry if I didn’t appeared!” Martin look at her, “No worries dear, I bet you had much to do here.” She nods,” Yeah, much to do… I had a broken pump to fix, that why I couldn’t go.” Martin look at her,” That’s alright dear.” She smiles,” I had help, my neighbor repaired it, and while he was doing that, I fix and cleaned my studio for us to rehearse our play.”

Martin and the others pick up their backpacks,” Lets go then?” Laurelin lift a hand,” Not so fast… at least let’s eat, I have the lunch ready.” When Martin is about to talk his stomach rumbled,”Oops… let’s eat guys.” Laurelin look to the 9 people,” Come with me guys.”
The lunch is calm, they even help Laurelin fix more food, and they had fun while doing it, the two young cats look at them,” The cuties like us Laurelin.” The cats love her “mom” guests, are always petted by them or cuddled by the girls,” They are feisty Deans, they should do part of our Play.” A laugh is heard,” Come on guys, lets finish the meal and then dance.”

The lunch time passed on a blur, and when they saw her studio inside of her barn,” Nice… a good place to dance!!!” She just smiles,” Well I fixed all this with the help of my father, he wanted me to be a successful dancer.” Silence… no one dared in touch in that issue, it’s hard for Laurelin, she lost her parents in a year… due cancer.
A certain beat up truck is listening her conversation with her colleagues.

“…Sorry Laurelin… we should be here with you but…” She has a tear rolling,” Cancer killed them, but I have to continue living my life and I will honor my promise I made to my father, be a good dancer!”

Optimus asks to himself,” She lost her parental units, and she’s so young! Why Primus?”
Then he hears something, which makes him trembling,
“I didn’t know that you had here a Semi in your barn!” Says a human female, he was discovered, now the things can be worst, but a soft voice says while look at his form.
“Yes I have… belonged to my father, he begged me not to dispose of it, and wanted me to repair it.
So I’ll ask to my neighbor to help me in repair it.” Prime is relieved when heard that.

On other hand Laurelin recognize the Semi, and said a white lie to her colleague who believes in her.
“By the way…” Asks Martin, Laurelin look at him, ”Yes?” He advances,” Suppose you have an encounter with a Transformer would you report him?” Laurelin look at him, ”After that the Autobots did for us in Chicago? Not a chance. Supposedly the FBI should capture the Decepticons, but they expand the capture to the Autobots as well, saying they were the same. Lies after lies.” Answers, and the other sighs,” But I heard they would reward the ones who report a Transformer.” Laurelin remarks,” Perhaps you didn’t listen well, the informer disappears and later is found… dead, they kill to not pay.”

The other is terrified, and never speaks more about the issue.
“We are dancers guys not informers, so we have a rehearsal to do! Let’s start to work!” Says Laurelin, Martin took the tip.
“Alright folks, Laurelin is right, let’s go and train a bit the dance steps, our show is next Saturday, so let’s start working!” First they did a warm up to avoid some injuries just for 15 minutes, and they do it very well in the end,” Kath can you put the music?” Asks Martin, and the other girl does what is asked.
So she place  a CD on Laurelin’s stereo which is at her studio, and put "Best of Trance Charts" disc 2 track 14,"Ubap", and the sound is risen to its maximum, Martin just yells,” LETS START GUYS!!!”  

Laurelin look at Optimus’s form, thinking,” I suspect that beat up truck is the Autobot Leader… so I will dance just for him.”  She listens the music, close her eyes and starts to dance at the rhythm of the music.

Meanwhile Optimus starts to watch the group of humans doing strange movements, in particular to Laurelin who glanced at him several times… and the sound is so loud, the humans dancers don’t seems to care about it, they are enjoying it.
He listens the one called Martin clapping their hands to mark the rhythm, and the others followed everything, and the said human starts say,” Very good guys, feel the music flow into your bodies…just feel the rhythm!” Laurelin when dances does wonders, and Martin notices that,” You are amazing.” Optimus heard that, but also sees what Martin means.

The girl has a unique agility, twirls and do backwards flips, her movements are very fluid and has soul and her smile…he is captivated by her beautiful smile!
“Primus… she defended me why?” Think Prime.
He wonders if it was mere words or it is really truth…that she wouldn’t report him, perhaps would get scared due his presence nothing more.
He never noticed the rehearsal has finished, and that the humans departed.


“Thank you for the lovely lunch and the place for our rehearsal Laurelin.” Thanked Martin and the rest of her dance colleagues,” You have a kick ass Stereo, Deans” Laurelin smiles at that praise, and waves to all of them,” See you on Saturday folks!”

Minutes later all of them left the property, Laurelin is alone again, but returns to the barn, then she is facing the dilapidated Semi, places her hand on the rusty paint-job, “I feel something… he is Optimus Prime the Autobot Leader… but I am not sure, I think I will not make waves, just act like he is a regular truck.
Perhaps I have to ask to Cade Yeager to help me in fix him, without knowing that this truck is a Transformer.”
 Thinks the girl.
“My God… who placed you here!?” Asks to herself while looks at the beat up truck.
She gives a last look and then left the barn… she needs her rest, after all the rehearsal took about two hours.

Optimus when look at her in truck mode, but had to stay quiet not to scare her, he is on her barn because he wants to hide from Lockdown and the Cemetery Wind, right now wants to recharge to save his energy and hide his energon signature, and for the first time he enters in recharge feeling that this girl will never report him.
The Essence of Love
Ok Folks this story is based on a RP I did with :iconlaurelinprime:, I told her that I would write a story based on it, but with my ideas and she agreed.
Ok the character will never change to a Cybertronian, I prefer her as a human woman, she will change yes but inside of her body due the interaction with a Canon character on this case Optimus Prime, she will be like a techno- organic nothing more and will live longer than a average human being.
I accept positive criticism to help improving my English and the grammar, sorry but the English isn't my mother language, and I write this from scratch but in English.
And NO FLAMERS here on the comments, if you don't like don't read!!! I suggest you continue scrolling to other art.
This story passes only during AOE and after it, nothing more!!!
As you can see this story has mature content and is properly rated, here exists minors and sensible people!

Laurelin Deans isn't mine, belongs to :iconlaurelinprime:
Optimus Prime belongs to Hasbro like the others Canon characters.
The others Ocs are mine.

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I always loved TFX Human pairings, and this one isn’t different, Optimus Prime is a strong and wise Leader not to speak Damn HOT.

Laurelin well is a simple girl, very lonely and insecure, but inside of her exists someone with great energy in fighting for what she believes, has a big heart.

I think those two will complement  each other, they will start building a solid relationship during the years…


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What I support:

BANNER/BUTTON for my Pairing [OPTIMUS x LAURELIN] by LaurelinPrime  STAMP for my Pairing [OPTIMUS x LAURELIN] by LaurelinPrime  BANNER/BUTTON for my Pairing [OPTIMUS x LAURELIN] by LaurelinPrime BANNER/BUTTON for Optimus Prime BAYVERSE Fans by LaurelinPrime

BANNER/BUTTON for Optimus Prime PRIME Fans by LaurelinPrime  BANNER/BUTTON for Optimus Prime RESCUE BOTS Fans by LaurelinPrime
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Blackwitch31's Profile Picture
Cláudia Ribeiro
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Setúbal
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I won't tell you
Print preference: none
Favourite genre of music: Several
Favourite photographer: I don't have any favourite photographer
Favourite style of art: Free style
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I don't have
Shell of choice: I don´t have
Wallpaper of choice: Depends of my mood
Skin of choice: Deppends of my mood too
Favourite cartoon character: Cyclonus
Personal Quote: "Warriors such as you and i should meet their end in battle"

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