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Be strong.

A feeling ...

Maximilian is a Autobot femme and is Ultra-Magnus Mate, she's a fierce fighter, Autobots and Decepticons admire her due her integrity and combat skills, even put the most skilled warrior to shame and in the past killed so many and due that was feared by the Decepticons.

Right now  she’s very agitated, and Ultra Magnus, her mate notices it in her mood, "My dear, what is wrong with you?" The femme in question sighs, "it's been a few months since Prime is in the Well of the Alspark, and gave life to our planet, but..." Magnus approaches his Sparkmate, "Maximilian won't be your impression? You see Prime as your own Sire. "

The femme look to the stars, recalling the fateful day, when Optimus sacrificed his life to revive Cybertron as well  giving life to the Transformers who lost their lives in that war.
Also remember how Megatron saw Prime's sacrifice, and regretted what he had done, after all this time at war, all this after being controlled by a higher  and powerful power, Unicron the opposite of Primus.

"You know honey, when our spark tells us that something will happen, usually is not wrong." Says Maximillian without looking for Magnus, "Are things that Mechs don't understand." Ultra Magnus doesn't know what to say to his mate, but she is right he doesn't understand what's going on.
He's just a soldier, don't understand anything what Maxi feeling, just concrete facts, and having something to work can take toward success.
It is good to obey orders but also to enforce the rules without exceptions or things could go very badly, that's why commands the Wreckers who are a little ... undisciplined  mainly Weelljack, who is very rebel for his taste.
He looks at Maximilian which continues watching the skies of Cybertron, but nothing says to her, so he try not meddle with her when is with that humor, or things can be ugly for him.

Meanwhile  Maximilian continues to reflect on the fateful day, in which Prime left the world of the living.


Maximilian  watches her leader  fighting Unicron, who is controlling Megatron's body, and he's being very hard to beat, but there is something that escapes the femme, the container that the Autobot Leader has on hand is empty, and Unicron doesn't know it, he is so blinded by greed of wanting to become more powerful.

Ultra Magnus is approaching her, "what's up?" She responds, "Look at the container." Magnus does exactly that, and whisper, "But is empty!" Maxi nod, "Yes ... Optimus is planning something. " The look of Magnus hardens, "I just hope he doesn't get hurt with all this."

Maximilian feel that Prime is trying to delay Unicron or ... "By Primus, is he going to do what I'm thinking?" Think, "But it's insane, but then there will be no salvation possible for him, in case he goes to Cybertron's core!" And let out a sigh, if she could do something to prevent Prime death.

She do realize that Predaking decided to help them, Unicron sent his own undead army to infect the planet's core with is "poison".
The same Predacons are fighting with the risk of being destroyed, they want to make a difference and be part of something bigger,  knows that one of the Decepticons is helping them.

Then there was a noise, and when looks sees Prime Lying on the floor holding the container, "Oh no ... Unicron knocked Optimus! " Sees the container is taken out of his hands, and Unicron hold it victorious.
The Villain's mood  changes suddenly when realizes that something is wrong, and without knowing he is sucked into the said vessel, freeing Megatron who is panting and at the same time relieved to get rid of Unicron, examining his new upgrade.

Starscream approaches Megatron, Maximilian is very concerned, she notice that Starscream tell to his leader things about revitalizing the Decepticons, but Megatron is furious, and Starscream doesn't know what he's talking about, and recognize his mistakes before Optimus, since that had been oppressed by Unicron learned that had no right to do what he did, and dissolved the Decepticons for Starscream dismay, Megatron departed, to never be seen again.
With Unicron trapped,his undead army, who was almost reaching the planet's core is reduced to dust, for relief of the Predacons who stood by to protect the planet's core.

And Maxi didn't miss, Optimus has the Alspark in the Matrix of leadership which in turn was stored inside him, near his spark, and which could not be separated according to Prime's words.
When she heard that he would sacrifice to revive those who had perished, was shocked, "Optimus has to be a way!" Begs, "don't make us this ... don't do this to me." He approaches the femme, "Maximilian I don't have a choice, I do this for the greater good ... for you." Then he adds, "I've always considered you my sparkling and created you as such, and you don't even know how much I love you!" She is in awe with such words, but he says, "I love you like my sparkling, and you grew up a lot in character and in dexterity in combat." She let out a few tears, which quickly are cleaned by Prime, "My daughter, don't cry my loss but my rebirth in those who will revive." And embraces the femme, "remember that I will always be with you." Then makes a speech to all who are present, and part to the planet's core.
Moments after thousands of sparks arise from the planet core, spreading in all directions, but one of them stop near them.

"My Sire ... see you soon." Magnus is at her side, "my love, it's Prime Will, we will honour his memory in working for the well-being of all." From there all them start working for a new cause, keep the peace.

End of Flashback

Maximilian puts the hand on her chest, turning to her Sparkmate, "Magnus I feel something will happen soon." He looks at her by placing both hands on Maximilian's shoulders, "what are you going to do?"

The femme replies, "follow my spark." She looks at him, "I know you think my feeling a bit illogical, but I had and have a very strong connection with Optimus." Magnus caresses Maximilian's  face, "my love I find it a bit strange, it's been a few months since we left  Earth and since Optimus left us, but if you believe that he's alive, go ahead!" She gives him a chaste kiss on his lips, "Thanks honey."

Moments later appears Knockout, "am I disturbing you?" The couple nods, "Not at all Knockout, what's wrong?" The ex-Decepticon responds, "we're getting some very strange readings from the core of Cybertron." Both are surprised, "what do you mean?" A datapad is shown, "Predaking registered these readings, and right now Ratchet is analysing everything, but needs more data, he looked like the sounds of a beating spark. "Magnus is very thoughtful," I see, which is the action you want to take Knockout? " An answer is heard, "go to Cybertron's core and get additional  readings of this strange pulsar." Magnus is a little pensive for a moment, until ...

"Okay, I'm going to organize a rescue team." Then turns to Maximilian, "I think your spark is right." The femme embraces Magnus, "thank you!" But listen, "Maxi ... but first we investigate, I don't want you to have a disappointment." She nods, "Yeah I know, but hope is the last thing to die."

Magnus look for Knockout, "thank you for this news, reunite the other 'Bots, will have a meeting in a few clicks ." Knockout leaves them will to gather the others, as Magnus ordered moments before.

However the couple continues to look to the Cybertronian skies "Magnus let's investigate this, and if there's anybody alive at planet's core, will be a good sign." He shoots, "we shall see Maxi." And Magnus gives her a kiss on the forehead, "now we're going to have this meeting, there is much to discuss." And both left the place where they were, going towards the meeting Room, it would be a lot of work in the next few hours.
Be Strong
Hello folks, this time I bring a story with our beloved Ultra-Magnus and the action is on TFP verse.

I chatted with :iconmaximillian-n: about several things and asked me to write a Story with her OC and Ultra-Magnus, and she wanted draw one of my Ocs.
And I accepted the challenge, in working closely with her OC, which is nice to write.
I like her OC a lot as well, and I am not doing this due a art-trade, but due be a friend to her, and to spread the love.

Related to the story, Maximilian is sad but something is off, she has a feeling that someone will return and expresses that to Magnus.
I will not tell you rest, read to discover, and this is only the first Chapter.

Ultra-Magnus and the other Cannon Characters belongs to Hasbro
Maximillian belongs, to :iconmaximillian-n:


Ps, if you notice the name Maximillian, has just a L due my check-speller.(Don't be Mad Maxi)
 The Future isn't written.

The night’s activities were so intense, and when give place to the day, they were already sleeping exhausted.
Laurelin is top of Prime, sleeping peacefully and he has a protective arm on her waist, and is in stasis.
Around the middle morning she starts to awake, and while doing that sees Prime’s handsome face, his helm shining with the sunlight. The view is so beautiful for her, seeing her husband sleeping peacefully, she felt some movement in her waist, something caressing her, then sees,
Optimus open his optics looking at her, “Morning sleepy head!” Optimus chuckled when heard what Laurelin said, “Morning my beloved, how you feel right now? Ready for other round?” The girl smirked, “You are truly amazing, but I am hungry right now!” Then adds, “I think our yelling from our memorable night was heard by everyone here on this base.” And laughs a bit.

Optimus look at her,” Yup… I have to agree.” He sits with her on his lap,” So what you plan for now?” She says,” Well… eat a good breakfast.” He sighs, but for that we need to get out from here !” She nods,” Yes we have… I am starving my Husband, and is your fault… you were quite energetic last night.” He places a hand on her leg,” You too my beloved, you were quite ravenous.” He let out a smile, “Lets get you dressed my beloved.” She Laughs saying,” First we eat, then we make love once again.”

Laurelin get dressed in 15min and Prime Increased his size to normal, pick Laurelin placing her on his shoulders.
When both left the  quarters, noticed some humans… they glanced to them and whispered to the others about the couple, but never said nothing against them, for the contrary.
Lennox appeared,” Morning Prime, Laurelin” The girl is set on the floor,” Hiya Lennox, how was your night?” The girl blushed like a ripe tomato, “Well… ahem…” He just waves his hand,” I don’t wanna know Laurelin.”

The Major look at Prime,” Hey Big Buddha we need to discuss a important issue.” He asks,” About the Prototypes?” Lennox advanced,” Well it appears that we detected a signal.” Prime put his hand on the chin,” I see, you don’t know where is the signal?” The human answers,” We are trying to trace it, Prime.” The other crosses his arms over the chest,” Good, my Autobots can help you tracking the signal.” Lennox look at both smiling,” Thanks Prime, now I will let you both eat a decent breakfast and enjoy the company of each other.” Then whispers to Laurelin,” Try not “destroy” the base with your… moaning.” Laurelin blush hard, while Lennox leaves both stunned.


One month passed since that day, when they coupled again, Prime is away from the base and Laurelin works a lot in her dancing, Ricci well… coupled with Ironhide and loved each moment, Laurelin knew about it by Ricci.

Laurelin misses Optimus a lot, craving him a lot and FirstAid notices her mood, and calculated,” I know you miss him Laurelin.” She sighs,” Yes and I am also worried with him Doctor.” FirstAid places a finger on her shoulder,” He will return to you, in one piece.” Her look brightens,” I know.” He stays a bit quiet, Laurelin look at him and knew right away, “He’s returning right FirstAid?” The CMO nods,”  Yes, it seems that the signal was false alarm, some human civilians found some scrap in a junkyard.”

She lift a ridge,” What?! Some junk, and no Prototypes?” The CMO nods,” Yes, there was a body but half destroyed. Prime is bringing his body to be examined by me.” Laurelin sighs, but she hears from the CMO,” And you are healthy like a horse.” She’s stunned, “ Like a horse? Where you learned that expression?”  He laughs,” Well I am among humans for so many years and catch some… quirks.” Laurelin look at him fondly,” You are remarkable FirstAid.” His look hardens a bit,” Laurelin your body is adapting and if you wish you can carry sparklings.” Laurelin smiles,” I know that, the changes inside me are complete, now is my exterior that is changing and I will endure everything with the help of my Sparkmate and Ricci.”

FirstAid smiles, not because of Laurelin but Ricci,” Oh… I see, ‘Hide is completed in love with her and coupled with her Laurelin and is having the same changes as you.” Laurelin smiles,” I have to ask Prime to borrow the matrix for them.” FirstAid nods,” I agree at least to accelerate her changes.” But let out a smirk,” Well… he’s quite ravenous and Ricci loves that a lot.” Curiosity speaks louder, “How you know such things?” That question caught the CMO by surprise, “W…well…” She crosses the arms over her chest, “Well?! You are listening behind the doors?” He cough a bit, he was embarrassed,” Damn I caught you, FirstAid, you have no shame?!” He blushed hard, and is ashamed, “ Laurelin please don’t tell to Ricci and Ironhide.” Laurelin look at the CMO,” Ok… I will not tell them nothing, but never do what you did ok?” He nods, the human girl leaves the MedBay, “See you later Doc.”

A day passes , Optimus returned to Laurelin’s  house, and when she sees him through the window left what she was doing and run towards him.
When he sees her, transforms to robot mode and changed his size to the human’s, and hug her,” My beloved!” And kiss her with passion, “Oh my love I missed you so much.” He caresses her hair,” Sorry my Beloved, tell me how was this month.” She give him a peck on the lips,” Yes I will.”

Laurelin told everything while walking towards home, and Prime listened carefully, is happy about the news of her changes.
When they enter at home he sits on the sofa and places his hand on her waist,” Why you don’t sit here with me?” She replies,” Well I need to prepare something for you to eat, and the sun is almost setting.” He get up,” Let’s prepare the meal and watch the sunset.”  Both come to the kitchen and started preparing some food, energon.

“My employers aren't here, we can watch the sunset without being bothered.” He placed the tiny cubes on a plate,” Yes, we can enjoy ourselves, you can get some coverings to protect you from the cold.” Then Laurelin looks through the window,” You know I have hope for the future.” He agrees and keeps listening,” First you appeared in my life, we fall in love and right now we are living together.” He adds,” You are changing to one of us as well and can carry a sparkling.” Laurelin smiles,” I pretend to do that, I want to be a mother.” He kisses his mate on the forehead.

Laurelin bring some pillows and blankets, going upstairs, she pretends watch the sunset and then the stars in her terrace, it has a great view to watch the stars, so she prepares a makeshift bed and adds the pillows to get more comfort.
She has a small table where she can place the food, “Perfect!”  Thinks the girl.

“Laurelin what happened?” She heard Prime calling, and answers while raise her voice a bit,” I am here on my terrace, making our bed.”

When Prime hears her, pick the food and the drinks, placed everything on a tray and goes upstairs. When he climbed the stairs, sees Laurelin looking the skyline, and he goes to her, and places a hand on her shoulder, the girl leans into him.

They watch the colours of the sunset, shades of pink, dark orange and reds, “Your planet never ceases of surprising me.” She ask, never turning around, “ Really my love?” He says with a hint of surprise,” Yes… I never saw a sunset with my human friends, they…” She interlocks her fingers with his, “ Now you have my love, enjoy the view.”

The sun is setting, and Prime could watch every detail, “Just beautiful Laurelin.” She has the eyes closed, feeling her mate, even notices that he has his hand on her chest, “I am happy to be with you Laurelin, you taught me so many things. “ She turns to him,” I did that?” Prime nods,” Yes, you gave me hope and faith in mankind, when I had lost it.” She smiles,” I am glad in hear that.”  

They saw the day giving place to the night, and a blanket of stars appears on the night sky, “Just beautiful… like you my Beloved!” She gives a kiss on Prime’s forehead, “Thank you my love.” Optimus lay her on the makeshift bed, “I want you my love.” But the stomach of the girl growled, “Oops, sorry.” Prime Laughs, “No worries Laurelin.” Then she says, “First we eat, and then we will make love.” He laughs.

They enjoyed their meal, and he says to her,” Laurelin, you are remarkable and I love you!” She looks at him smiling,” Oh my love, me too.”
She drinks her energon supplement, “You know, our Future is not written.” Optimus is surprised,” Why you say that?” She explains,” Well…no one knows what the Future holds for us, so we try to guess.” Optimus is amazed,” You never cease in surprising me with you wisdom Laurelin.”

She gives a sip on her energon,” I never guessed that I would meet you, and yet we are together as husband and wife.” He starts to understand her words,” Oh I see, we don’t know what the Future has stored for us.” She nods,” Yup… so let’s live each day as our last one.”   Then adds,” We have to thank to Cade Yeager as well, he help you in many ways, first repaired you, and then to hide the “Seed” from your Creators, kick Lockdown ass, and bring you to me, safe.”  He remarks, “Not to mention that supported us in our relationship.” Laurelin wonders, “Now I ask, how is he, I didn’t had the occasion in visit him.” Prime decides give the news,” Well he’s ok and well, right now is working with us, has to stay incognito due Galvatron, he’s our...Inventor per se.
But keep tinkering on his own inventions and on his property. ” Laurelin when heard about her neighbour is happy.

When their meal is finished they put everything on the table, and lay down to watch the stars, she laid the head on Prime’s chest.

He caresses her hair, and then ask,” Why you don’t sit here?” She smiles, sees Prime pointing to his lap,” Sure, why not my Beloved.”  As usual the things starts to heat up and they end making love, wild sex under the star enjoying each moment.

Pass several years since that hot night, and Laurelin endured all the changes, she had to quit of her work as a dancer, but kept her farm, but never revealed to anyone what she is right now.

Laurelin is a beautiful Femme, has several shades of pink but kept some human characteristics, but is a fierce fighter and no one dares to defy or threat her friends or mate. Optimus loves her deeply, and both live each day as their last one.
She and Prime are  the parents of 3 beautiful sparklings; Renatus, Envangeline and Lilas, a Mech and two Femmes, they are loved by the two, Prime and Laurelin are good parents, severe but also have lots of love.

As FirstAid predicted she has 3 forms, human to blend among them, Robot mode and vehicle mode, and that made Optimus happy because he had met Laurelin as a human and he love her in her two forms.
But due what the humans did to Prime when she meet him, starts to get very cautious, knew that some of them tried to hurt them both, but never succeed thanks to Lennox.

And Ricci?
Well she endured the same changes as Laurelin, and is Ironhide mate, and can be very fierce in battle as well. Sometimes Ricci helps Laurelin with the sparklings.
Laurelin met new friends, Knockout, an Ex-Con CMO who starts working with FirstAid, and he’s a Good Doctor, he even help Laurelin with her pregnancies, and her… abortion due some things that had happened several years ago.

One Night they were stargazing when Laurelin says,” Remember when I said that the Future was not written?” Optimus nods,” Yes.” She interlocks her fingers on his, “ Well… we are writing it right now, I look into the past, and remembered what we passed together, and learn.” He hugs her, “Yes, we are writing our Future my beloved, and for now we live the Present.” He kiss her deeply, and when the things goes to get hotter…

“MOM… Renatus don’t give the toy to Lilas!” Complains Evangeline, the couple looks to each other, “Well… let’s put them to recharge Laurelin.” The proud parents goes play a bit with the sparklings and then put them to sleep… the night is starting and the couple finds a way… to make love all night long without wake up the “kids”.

“The love always find a way my love.” Whispers Laurelin to Prime, “Indeed my Beloved, indeed!” And keep make love to her, until be exhausted.

Under the starry sky two souls are cuddling each other, seeking warmth and peace, they seek peace for the Future that isn't written, only the Present.

The Future isn't written
Well this is the last chapter of this story.
What a night they had, and both are quite ravenous you know?
Laurelin has right the Future is not written yet... she and Prime are writing it right now folks!

I didn't transformed her, I only show you a bit what had happened several years after, since the first time she had sex with Prime.

She endured the changes quite well, and she's the femme that is depicted on the several fan art, and when I said that she kept some human characteristics, her "hair", eyes and of course her emotions. 

And she is a lovely mother you know? Will protect the sparklings with her own life, so beware Decepticons! She met some new friends, Knockout is one of them!
Ricci changed as well foks!

The end of this story is open folks, I pretend write several one shots depicting Laurelin's life while changing, her Children or some of her thoughts about the battles she will have.

For me was an adventure write a story without a translator, it was hard for me because I don't have the English as my first Language... but I learned a lot, and I could prove to myself that I can do that without problems, was nice!
I know it isn't perfect and has some grammar misspellings, and I accept gladly a healthy critic to improve not to demote ok?
Like I said in other descriptions, I don't want this story Flamed ok? :D :)

Laurelin and Ricci Belongs to :iconlaurelindeansprime:
Optimus and other cannon Characters belongs to Hasbro and Michael Bay.


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Lovely Moments

“Your Changes aren't complete”

The news fall like a bomb, and Laurelin’s eyes are widen open, due the shock, Optimus is concerned due her reaction.
“Tell me that you aren’t joking FirstAid.” He look at her incredulous,” I don’t play with such things Laurelin, I saw your tests and they never lie!” Optimus look at her,” Laurelin…” The girl gave a deep breath,” I am ok Optimus, just shocked.”
FirstAid look at her, “ I think these changes will be more slower… because her body needs to adapt. But I need to do further tests to confirm my theories.” She huffs a  bit,” More tests FirstAid? I want to be with my sparkmate, I miss him deeply.” He smirks,” You will be with him my dear.
Let me make you one more test, will take some minutes.” She sighs, “Alright… Alright.” And he scanned her again,” Mmm… it is like I suspected.” Laurelin wonders,” How so Doctor?”

FirstAid look at both,” The nanites are changing your body, this time not inside but outside,  the humans     ignore this but the big organ of the human body is the skin… and the same is suffering a transformation.” She asks, “I will fell pain?” He nods, “Not at all, your changes inside of your body took almost one year, but your exterior will take longer, perhaps some years.” Optimus look at her worried but keeps listen the CMO,” You will also increase your size, and that takes a lot of time.
Perhaps you can be human and femme when its needed, for a fight or carry your sparklings.” Laurelin look at the CMO, “I will have a alt-mode?” He nods,” Yes, I think you will be a triple changer, you can stay as a human, in Robot mode and… vehicle mode.” She is a bit shocked,” But… how?” He warns,” Laurelin listen this are just suppositions, perhaps you can change into a femme permanently and have a normal vehicle mode, and to blend have a holoform.
But your changes had the help of the Matrix, and I don’t know for sure, you will do some tests and watch your changes closely.”

Then he lift a finger, “But you can have sex at will, will not change the results!” The look of both brightens, “ So we can do it without problem?” He smirks,” I referred that moments ago.” He says, “Laurelin I want you here every Monday to proceed with the weekly tests ok?” She nods, “Ok, but you gave us wonderful news doctor, thank you!” FirstAid advises,” Right now all of us should be careful, if Galvatron knows about this will try stealing the matrix or killing Laurelin.” Optimus adds, “Not in my watch, Laurelin and all the humans are important.” The CMO sighs,” I am aware of that Prime, that’s why I am saying this, I know you are willing to protect the humans and if we question Lennox I know he will help us.” Optimus wonders,” Why you are so worried, Galvatron will not find out, if he tries send a spy in human form or techno-organic we will be attentive.
No one has the same energetic or DNA signatures, and you collected a sample of all signatures, human and Cybertronian including Laurelin’s who has the mix of the two.” FirstAid has to agree, “ Alright Prime, we will double the surveillance.”  

Laurelin makes a crucial question,” All my changes are molecular level?” FirstAid shows something to her,” Look at the screen, I recorded this while I was studying your samples since the first changes until now.” She look at the screen showing every detail of the changes at a molecular level, “I see… every inch of my being are being changed then, even my DNA.” FirstAid nods,” Yes but you will be always human, eck you born as a human, but your DNA will change slightly.
That’s why I am studying your samples, I want follow your transformation, Laurelin that’s why I asked you to make weekly tests.” Optimus understood what was said,” Is for the best I think, and Dr… I want know all this ok?” The CMO nods,” It shall be done.”

Then looks to the both, they are taking a precious time, his humour changed drastically, they need to go to their affairs,

“Now get out of my medbay.”

The couple left the medbay, but Laurelin commented to Prime,” Damn FirstAid learned a lot with Ratchet, including his humour.” The acute hearing of the said CMO caught what they said,” HEY I HEARD THAT!”  Laurelin laughs at his expanse.

When they are far Optimus's look brightens,” These news are wonderful my beloved.” She nods,” I am so happy my love, I can conceive and carry a child without problems.” Despite Laurelin be on Prime’s hand she was caressed by him.

Right now the human girl needs to eat and rest a bit due of what had happened, was too strenuous for her and for the others who are her friends.

Several days passed, and when Ricci is at the base knew about the news by Laurelin, every detail… she’s full of joy and jokes,” Perhaps Prime can borrow us that matrix of his.” Laurelin laugh again.

“I envy you Laurelin… I wish have the same changes as you.” The girl suggests while smirks,” “Have sex with ‘Hide Ricci… and I’ll ask Prime to borrow the matrix to both of you.” Ricci blush like a red tomato.
“Damn… I was Joking Laurelin.” The girl in question give a sip from her energon vitamins, “But I was talking serious, the matrix is a great help… and I wish you have the same changes as me.
You are my best friend and always were when I needed the most.” Ricci questions, “You are your house yes?” A answer is given,” Well I pretend return tomorrow, I have lots of work at the farm and until my changes are complete I pretend stay there.”

“And your work as a dancer?” Questions Ricci, the other think a bit and then, “That’s a good question…but until then I will keep dancing, I have more stamina now to endure everything.”

While they are talking appears Prime, and Laurelin come to him,” Hello my love how was the patrol?” He transforms into his robot mode, “Everything is quiet.” She breaths of relieve,” Thanks God that everything is ok for now.” Ricci look at ‘Hide who is at Prime’s side and come to him,” Hey…” The Weapon’s Specialist pick her carefully kissing her head carefully, then turns to Laurelin and Prime,” I will leave both of you.” And departed from there with Ironhide.

Prime picks his mate, and goes towards to his quarters,” You are hungry Laurelin?” The girl nods,” Yes I was drinking a bit of your energon supplement, but I need my normal food.” They go to the REC Room where are the human and Cybertronian sustenance and moments after started to relax and eat their food.

When the humans soldiers and the Autobots see the couple eating, saluted them and then leave both alone with their issues, all the humans and ‘bot’s know that they are sparkmates and that the human female who is with Prime is changing to a Cybertronian.

When both finished their meal they go to Prime’s quarters,  while walk chatted a bit,” The meal was good.” Prime look at her,” Well… I think but I am still craving for something.” She says,” What? Your energon wasn’t enough?” He nods,” Nop… I crave other thing… you!” She grab his hand,” Oh my darling you are that something… craving for me… how sexy!”

Moments after they are inside of his quarters, and he make question in locking the door, ” Now we will not be bothered.” First he set her on his berth were are some blankets, moments after changed sizes, sitting on her side,” Laurelin don’t fear the last changes.” She look at him,” To be frank Optimus I fear yes.” He grabs her hand,” I know, that’s why I will be on your side always.” He adds,” I will always love and support you in what you need Laurelin.” He let out a sigh,” Thank you Optimus, your words mean a lot to me.” Added Laurelin, while look into his royal blue Optics.
Optimus give a genuine smile, she melted, how beautiful is his smile, graces his face plates nicely, and she caresses him, and Optimus grab her hand kissing it tenderly.

Both hugged but he whispers on her ear, ”I am craving for you Laurelin.” She blush like a ripe tomato, she felt a kiss on her neck and then Prime  starts to kiss her… hard, full of love and lust, he craved her for so many time, also Laurelin who deepens the kiss.

He smirks  while kiss her neck, " I missed you so much my beloved,  how about we have fun?” Her look brightens, but Prime pinned her to the wall, ”Come here." and pinned her on the wall, “Now I will “ravish” you." The girl knows that he will not harm her, it is just a metaphor, but Laurelin purred and shivered from head to toe, she is eager to have a long night of sex, he starts to kiss her again and his hand is on her breast, she moans; “Good, God… I missed this!”
Prime keeps caress her breast tenderly, “I see you are enjoying this my beloved!!” The shirt and the bra is removed,” This off.” He found the clothing quite offending, due his state.
She smirked, while put a hand on the back of his helm caressing some wires, the mech felt right away, even hisses of pleasure,"P...Primus."

Prime  is full of lust, so decides suck a bit of her breasts, he loves feeling them on his mouth, and her moans are music to his audio receptors, he lay her gently on the floor, gently he starts fill her body with gentile kisses and bites, descending to her pelvic area.
Laurelin purred and moaned, full of lust for his man, her Bot, felt the kisses and the bites; he is gently…she loved when he does that.
The pants and the panties were removed, and he could taste her, finely… he craved this for many months, but he knows that love isn’t only the sex… but is the best part of course… he stimulates her with his tongue while tastes her.

The girl under him squirms and moans with pleasure, “Ooohhh… God Prime…you are soo good!” The girl comes hard, she pants, Prime lick her juices, “You are so tasty my beloved. “ She keeps panting,“Wow… amazing! Now is my turn.”
Slowly she starts to kiss him on his Helm sucking on his finials, how he loved feel her mouth, then passed to his neck, and bite carefully some wires, he moans with pleasure, the wires are like the nerves, Laurelin knows that, she was seated on his pelvic area, but keeps pleasuring him by dealing with his wires, and she does that very well.
She kisses every inch of his body, earning moans of pleasure from him, until she arrives to her prize, his erect organ, so envelopes it on her mouth, kissing, biting, licking and sucking, he hisses with pleasure, but tried to hold more, without avail, he come in her mouth.
His look saddens, “Sorry… you are not a…” She shushed him, “Shhh, don’t feel guilty, we are a couple who respect to each other.” She cleans the corners of her mouth, then kiss him full of passion,” I forgive you.”

He positions on top of her and entered her slowly  with care, and the feeling in entering on her is so good, “Make love to me Prime, I want feel you once more.” He does exactly that, moves carefully inside not to hurt her.
He moving carefully, but this time on top of her, entering deeper and deeper, while grunts/moans of pleasure, the couple missed have a private moment like these, for a long time, how wonderful this feeling is, Laurelin is in trance, totally... Only moaning louder and louder, hands on his arms, She missed all this, due an imposition of their CMO.
But this time he will not stop both in making love, they even change positions for delight of both.

They merge sparks while making love, and he is coupling hard and savagely, for Laurelin's delight... both are almost reaching their climaxes together, the energy from Heart/Sparks increases their pleasure, tendrils of energy surrounds both, the pleasure is immense.
They yell together, and is heard by everyone, or in the places near Prime’s quarters, but no one dares interrupt them.
During the act his spike pulsed...
Laurelin was enjoying this so much, she was yelling of pleasure grasping his finials, so he felt her climax building, like his... and when they climaxed... he comes hard, but never removes his spike inside of her, is still pulsing continuing go to her womb," nnnggghhh, you are amazing  Laurelin.” The girl is panting hard... She shared other kiss with Prime, “You are wonderful my love.” Optimus look at her, “I know.”

Outside Optimus’s quarters…

“Damn those two made lots of noise while having sex!” Observes Graham, “I think Prime has to sound proof the walls.” Lennox Laughs,” Ahahahahah… this is a bit of fresh air, but both seem to be quite ravenous.” Then adds, “Not a word about this ok? I will talk with him in private, I bet he will listen.” The other shrugs, “If you say so, but he wasn't unnoticed…their moans were listened on the entire base.”  Both departed in opposite directions to do their work.

At Optimus quarters

“Wow… I love you my beloved.” She gives Prime a peck on his lip plates, “ Oh my love, is so good be in your arms, feeling you.” She sketches a smile, “Thank you for being a gentleman.” He just caress her hair, smiling, he’s happy.
“Let’s rest, we will resume the rest of our activities  later.” She has to agree, so asleep fast on top of Prime, and he covers her, moments after he enters in stasis.
Silence invades the quarters, and no one dares to interrupt two lovers of resting.
Lovely moments
Was confirmed... FirstAid said that Laurelin keep changing to her final form, and explained her a few things related to the Changes, and she made several questions.
Ricci knows about everything about the said transformation, by the way... her relation with Ironhide is going well ok?
Prime and Laurelin are too nosy while making love, was heard in "all" NEST base.

Folks this story has a strict rated due here existing minors and the "activities" from the couple, so if you don't like no read, scroll to other stories I have or other things that I have.
No flames on this story ok?

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